Symbion Project
Seattle, USA
An electro-acoustic performance by Kasson Crooker called “Gishiki” meaning ritual in Japanese;  a really unique ambient/experimental performance that combines the traditional Japanese koto heavily processed through eurorack modular DSP FX overtop vintage synthesizer tracks and augmented field recordings with synchronized visual projections

Vancouver, BC
Midden (Evan Hardy) is a Vancouver based musician, artist and archaeologist, who uses modular synth, field recordings, among other instruments to create compositions inspired and shaped by the weighted complexities associated with working with remains from the distant past – while living in the present.

Hardy explores themes related to our relationships with our environments, and the sounds spaces that have been occupied continuously for thousands of years.

These compositions mirror the stratigraphic structure of middens. Midden has played at a number of festivals including Glasgow International (Glasgow, UK), Sled Island (Calgary, AB), Case-Tétte (Prince George, BC), Hexistential (Vancouver, BC) and Big Joy (Vancouver, NC).

Prince Shima
Victoria, BC
Prince Shima is a solo artist, often leading various configurations of backing musicians including vocalists, live percussionists and other electronic/video artists.

After releasing a debut album in 2017 the project has grown to include new musical styles, becoming more experimental both in composition and sonic palette. Much of this new material has been inspired by living and working in rural China for an extended period in 2017, and will be released in winter 2019 as the LP “PS. I love you…”.

This album explores the concept of ‘otherness’ while drawing more heavily on ambient and new age aesthetics than previous work.

Salish Sea Islands, BC

ALU is a vast stretch of repeating DNA base pair sequences which encode no proteins and whose primary function is self replication.

ALU elements are involved in gene transcription and can affect the way genes are expressed as well as disrupt other protein encoding sequences. ALU has long been considered junk DNA which contributes nothing except to act as an evolutionary marker.

However, as we continue to study we are beginning to discover that this long, selfish, monotonous & useless sequence of junk DNA may in fact make significant contributions to the evolutionary development of humans.

What seems useless, what seems overly abundant, what seems disruptive, what seems destructive, what seems selfish, what seems boring, what seems unknown, what seems not worth knowing? One day its function, its value, its complexity will be understood & embraced.

Sara Gold
Vancouver, BC
Taking last year’s ‘manufactured soundscapes’ to another dimension with a larger standing floor loom, more contact mics and a visual elements. 

Vancouver experimental electronic artist Sara Gold presents Manufactured Landscapes, processing
sounds generated from a standing floor loom with contact microphones attached. Woven fabric is turned into sonic architextures in real time

Psychedelic Attack
Vancouver, BC
Merlyn Chipman has performed live and given workshops internationally.

Mesmerized by video feedback in 1998. The artwork spans live improvisational audio / video, interactive installation, textiles and print but he identifies him self as a “Video Feedback Artist.”

Video feedback is an exercise in maintaining attention. The emotional range of this work spans from meditative and hypnotic to overwhelming strobe induced hallucination.

INTENT:We live in an age where information and the mediums of its dissemination have been weaponized. Psychedelic Attack is presented as an example of how to break through mental / cultural concepts rapidly by subverting communication tools of the 20th century. “Psychedelic” (from Ancient Greek psukhḗ, “mind, soul” + dêlos, “manifest, visible”). “Attack” from Italian attaccare (“to join, attach”) (used in attaccare battaglia (“to join battle”). (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

GEAR: Old video camera, old television set, photo-resister, an audio mixer and analog effects.

METHOD: Live video feedback with audio mixer feedback as musical instrument. All analog, no computer. The video camera is pointed at the television set. A photo resistor translates the light into sound, which is shaped by the mixer and effects. The resulting music and images are complex and tightly controlled. The stimuli approaching the audience as sound and light. The “Flicker Effect” induces optical illusions of depth and colour in the operator and audience’s visual perception.

Experimental / drone / noise. Visual genre: freestyle fractal strobe.

INFLUENCES: Marshall McLuhan (“The medium is the message”.), Brian Gyson (inventor of the Dream Machine), Douglas R. Hofstadter (author of “Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.” “I am a Strange Loop.”)

International Weather Observation Network via Vancouver & Victoria 
Three experimental audio nerds. We use laptops, pedals, no input, guitars, random stuff around the venue, and sometimes there are lasers.

We first played in the VIVO sound salon, Lot 8, managed to get a show in Music Waste, and have been super lucky to have been a part of NeuzTec 2018!

Marble Skirts
A recently debuted a new project “Marble Skirts” is a duo ambient project of Constantine Katsiris & Jamison Troy with visuals by Ian Ross of Greek ruins and temples, in a psychedelic style.

Battery Poacher
Victoria, BC
After decades of playing various instruments and touring with numerous bands, Dallas Budd dived head first into the deep end of electronic music and Battery Poacher was born.

With a love of synthesizers and a aptitude for creating progressive melodies he builds the majority of his samples from scratch.Blending elements of Psychedelia, EDM, Glitch, Bass, 8 bit and Hip Hop, his music can be described as deep and unusual.

Noise Noise Hush
An always changing and ever wavering collaboration of sound that reaches the highest peak of euphoria and deepest movement in your bowels.

Lily fawn and Eric hogg share an assortment of unexpected creative choices that varies from each event.

Palm Reader
Palm Reader is a newly re-grouped collaborative three-piece audio-visual project exploring the intersections of sound, nature and wellness.

Palm Reader uses a wide range of sonic devices including vocals, intuitive reading samples, effect pedals, synthesizers, sampler, contact mic and field recordings to create an ambient soundtrack accompanied by video. Palm Reader is Kay Gallivan, Soma Morse and Zayn Wiwchar.


Theremin from the currents of the earth and your mind

Jolly Pagoda
Victoria, BC
Friends using sonic Experimentation and Improvisation w/ electronics (synths/drum-machines/samples) in an attempt to explore healthy and creative collaboration (and ego implosion!).

Trial x Stone

Chthonic rock power trio explores shamanic new realms of sound, heavy riff groove rock and roll, surf-style noise.

Atomic Chocolate
Saltspring Island 

Pedals, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vox, Projections

Overseas Territory
Victoria, BC  

sudden ambience of machines for sounds of no land

Victoria, BC

Hypnotic trembles from the centre of the earth to the top of the stratosphere engineered via electrons and outcomes through quadraphonic elastic bru-ha-ha