NeuzLab 2020

the mad scientists over at are brewing up a futuristic electronic instrument To tantalize your senses in an engaging workshop for beginners to the seasoned synth builder! 

More Details of the Mystery Instrument Soon! 

NeuzLab 2019 

Saturday|April 27| 2019
Noon to 5pm
Cost: $80

The mystery synth build was QUADTEC-101 a mystical instrument from the future created from plans collected in a time-machine joyride reengineered for today by ~ an instrument beyond the relativity of the beholder!

Quadtec-101 is a dual oscillator digital synth that can output a quadraphonic sound (4 outs) with movement between the speakers using complex panning and attenuation and other magic.  In normal stereo, Quadtec-101 capitalizes on this complexity to create a 3D motion with complex harmonics and easy to use interface. Quadtec-101 is a standalone synth and it can be mounted in a Eurorack form.
QuadTec-101 CCTV.FM Product Page (loads of info)